Asia Pacific Solutions Forum 2023 Finalists

On November 2nd, 2023, SDSN hosted its inaugural Asia-Pacific Solutions Forum (APSF), themed “Accelerating Local Action for the SDGs in the Asia-Pacific”, at the Sunway Resort Hotel in Sunway City, Malaysia. The  APSF brings into focus both challenges and key enablers for sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific. 

Modelled after the SDSN’s Global Solutions Forum, the APSF showcases research-backed, innovative, replicable, and scalable solutions identified among the members and local business partners of SDSN. 

Here are the solutions presented at APSF 2023. They range from pilot to mature and are meant to inspire more changemakers. 

This regional forum is heralded by the Asia Headquarters for SDSN hosted by Sunway University, Malaysia. 

SDSN Asia-Pacific Solutions Forum 2023 Highlight Video

SDSN Asia-Pacific Solutions Forum 2023 Finalists

ACCESS-TB: Advancing Client-centred Care and Expanding Sustainable Services for TB in the Philippines

Connect with PBSP here:

NGOs play a key role in driving quality healthcare.

Philippine Business for Social Progress, Inc. (PBSP) has been a key player in tuberculosis (TB) control management in the Philippines. With over 15 billion Pesos in annual funding, the ACCESS TB the project aims to reduce TB prevalence, incidence, and mortality by complementing the Department of Health’s efforts. 

Free diagnostics and treatment services have been provided to drug-susceptible and MDR-TB cases, expanding access to diagnostic and treatment centers, engaging private doctors, training healthcare providers, establishing TB in the Workplace policies, and implementing Communities, Rights, and Gender (CRG) interventions.

Solution Presenter:  Mr. Elvin Ivan Y. Uy, Philippine Business for Social Progress, Inc.

Nominated by: SDSN Philippines

PARCIS: Mini-hydro Turbine for Decentralized and Clean Energy Solutions

Connect with Mr Adnan Wibowo & Mr Jawi Kuncoro here:

A portable mini-hydro power plant utilizing the Archimedes screw turbine PARCIS.

The example of PARCIS (Portable Archimedes Screw) is not a new one. Here it is presented by youth innovator Adnan Wibowo whose aim is to empower local communities with accessible and sustainable electricity.  By efficiently harnessing abundant water flows, particularly in high-elevation regions, PARCIS is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution which enables energy decentralization.

Solution Presenter: Mr. Adnan Hasyim Wibowo, Sustainable Development Goals Hub University of Indonesia (SDGs Hub UI)

Nominated by: SDSN Indonesia

Community-led Central Kitchen Model for Feeding School Children in the Philippines

Connect with Dr Carmela Oracion here:

Money is not the main factor solutions succeed. 

This community-led central kitchen model describes the evolution from private sector programmes to becoming a multi-sectoral initiative among national government agencies, NGOs, and local government units.

The resulting synergistic delivery of national services presents an effective and sustainable mechanism for addressing hunger among children in the country’s day-care centers and those enrolled in public schools.

Solution Presenter: Dr. Carmela C. Oracion, Director,  Ateneo Center for Educational Development. 

Nominated by: SDSN Philippines

Net Zero Emissions Roadmap and Tools for driving sustainable postal and logistics service providers in Thailand

Connect with Dr Janya Chanchaichujit here:

Researchers at the forefront of solutions-making. 

Prince of Songkla University collaborates with Thailand Post to tackle Thailand’s parcel delivery’s sustainable challenges. 

Solution Presenter: Dr. Janya Chanchaichujit, Prince of Songkla University

Nominated by: SDSN Thailand

An Automated Waste Conversion Process to Protein & Oil using Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Connect with Life Origin here:

Incorporating research and business acumen to drive the insect industry.

Life Origin has engaged researchers from five universities, public and private, to apply their research findings for the creation of a palpable sustainable industry. 

Life Origin is a biotech company that produces quality insect protein and oil from Black Soldier Fly larvae. Listen to Julius Au explain the considerations of quality control at scale for breeding technologies for insects.

Life Origin further develops the insect protein into feed and supplement products for small animals and pets and the bio-oil into sustainable biodiesel for energy. 

Solution Presenter: Mr Julius Au, Life Origin. 

Nominated by: SDSN Malaysia

Mangrove Reforestation for Sustainable Future through Community Empowerment

Connect with Mr Stevanus Wawiyai here:

Pak Stevanus from Raja Ampat in West Papua has left full time employment to rebuild the mangroves through community knowledge and skills development.

Mangrove reforestation for a sustainable future through community empowerment involves not only planting trees but also fostering a deep connection between communities and their natural environment. By actively involving local residents, providing education, ensuring sustainable livelihoods, and implementing sound policies, mangrove reforestation efforts can create a lasting impact, promoting environmental resilience and improving the well-being of both people and the planet.

Solution Presenter: Mr. Stevanus Wawiyai and Mr. Israruddin, Mangi-Mangi Warrior Raja Ampat and Kelompok Tani Kawan Pesisi

Nominated by: SDSN Southeast Asia