Happiness & Sustainability Around the Earth 24 Hour Webinar, April 22 2020

On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) will conduct a 24 hour global webinar themed around happiness and sustainable development to link our global network and promote the concept of sustainable living to everyone.


Why Happiness and Sustainable Development?

Happiness and wellbeing  is something all humans experience, and is something most societies strive to achieve on a communal scale. In this age of convenience, we are living in an increasingly isolated society, with depression, loneliness, and anxiety running rampant in both high and low-income countries. According to the WHO, “depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.” In the World Happiness Report, happiness is quantified with social well-being indicators, in addition to gross domestic product (GDP), demonstrating that using social well-being as a goal drives better public policy and progress. Thus, we have chosen the theme of happiness to link sustainable development experts, solutions, and stories from around the world in this unique first of its kind sustainable development global webinar.

Register at https://www.unsdsn.org/24hour-webinar 


Apr 22 - 23 2020


9:00 am - 9:00 am