Use Malaysian State-level Tool to Assess and Implement Sustainable Development Solutions

The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Malaysia (SDSN Malaysia) has formulated a state-by-state SDG Monitor to enable localised tracking of SDG indicators. The SDG Monitor is fuelled by statistics from the Malaysian Department of Statics (DOSM) and is a tool for policy makers to track progress visually.

ArcGIS Platform Presents Data Visually

Maps are Interactive with Pop-Ups Appearing For Each State

Visual depictions of progress are available for SDG Indicators. Data is from DOSM and visualisations are powered by ArcGIS. Users can interact with the maps to gain insight into each state. The SDG Monitor is updated each time DOSM issues a new dataset.
Data Enhanced with Expert Commentary& Resource Materials

Commentary on Relative Poverty Explains its Definition and Significance on Inequality

To aid policy makers, educators and the wider public, SDSN Malaysia has roped in over 27 expert commentators from public and private universities and think tanks. Collectively, these experts have written-up short 500-word research-backed commentary on individual indicators.

Commentaries allow non-experts to deepen understanding on the specific SDG Indicator. Resources are available for further engagement with subject matter.

SDG Monitor Benchmarks Global Sustainable Development Reporting

Multiple other Countries Have published Sub-National SDG Assessments

The SDG Monitor is formulated with close collaboration the global Sustainable Development Report (SDR) team in Paris. The SDR has been published annually since 2015. SDSN Malaysia is calling for partners to mobilise stakeholders for SDG-oriented implementation at the state and sub-state level.

Pre & Post COVID-19 Assessment

Users can Compare Pre-COVID-19 and 2020 Trends

The SDG Monitor has a dedicated section to inform policy makers on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on key sustainable development issues in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s SDG Performance has Fallen Since 2017
Between the years 2017 and 2022, Malaysia’s position has declined 18 places from 54 to 72. This rank is tabulated by the global Sustainable Development Report (SDR), published annually by SDSN. In the 2022 edition of the SDG Index, a total of 94 indicators were selected to measure the achievement level of the 17 SDGs for 163 countries.

In contrast, Vietnam and China have surpassed Malaysia in the SDR rankings. In 2017, Vietnam and China ranked 71 and 68. They now rank 55 and 56 respectively, they have advanced 16 and 12 places and are now ranked where Malaysia had been back in 2017.  Indonesia is another example of similar improvement. Between 2017 and 2022, it has moved up 18 ranks, from 100 to 82. The advances in Vietnam, China and Indonesia demonstrate effective policy implementation towards sustainable development.

Access the Malaysian State-level SDG Monitor for free here [Use desktop for optimal experience]:

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About the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)

The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) mobilizes scientific and technical expertise from academia, civil society, and the private sector to support practical problem solving for sustainable development at local, national, and global scales. The SDSN has been operating since 2012 under the auspices of the UN Secretary-General. The SDSN is building national and regional networks of knowledge institutions, solution-focused thematic networks, and the SDG Academy, an online university for sustainable development.

SDSN Malaysia was founded in 2013 by Tan Sri Zakri Abdul Hamid, former science advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Since 2019, the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development, in Sunway University, is the SDSN Malaysia secretariat, with Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, Sunway Group Founder and Chairman of Sunway Group, as chair.