SDSN Malaysia Translation Project

The SDSN Malaysia Translation Project aims to mainstream Education for Sustainable Development in localizing the existing course material available on SDG Academy into Malay language. The project was successfully completed on 21st August 2021 with the help of academia from a variety of backgrounds working hard to translate over 7 hours of teaching content on “How to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?”

This project managed to localize the SDGs by creating a glossary of terms, which in long term is aimed to promote greater familiarity with climate-related terminologies in Malay. The convening of researchers from three member institutions has spurred an effort to seek a standardized Malay translation of “Sustainable Development Goals”, and further consensus over the interchangeable use of three Malay words (hijaumampan, ad lestari) for “sustainable”.

Source: Condé Nast Traveler

This translation effort managed to complete 37 (10 – 16 minute) videos. Following this, next steps will involve collectively building capacity over localizing the delivery of SDG Academy content. For more courses like this, visit and to be part of our next project, reach out to us at [email protected]